Up Cycled tote bags, the new cool ?

In todays home delivery culture living a conscious zero waste lifestyle is hard. Small changes in our consumption will go a long way. Also a stylish alternative can be hard to resist.
Uru The Store has always leaned towards retailing sustainable products. We started in October 2019 and our mission was to leverage small businesses. Make in India was our theme, encouraging fashion and lifestyle products. 
One day while over seeing some apparel production work for our parent company Plushpalette, our founder Priyanka spotted tons of waste fabric and requested the production house to let her take it back with her. They were more than happy that somebody wanted to clear out their junk. As soon as all this waste fabric arrived at the Plushpalette HQ our founders started thinking of various ways of putting it to good use. After a lot of thinking Mangala, Priyanka’s mom and an ardent up-cycler created the first tote. We were all so excited to look at what we could achieve from waste fabric and immediately got into production and branched out into a new label called ECO PALETTE ! Mangala meticulously cuts and patches all fabrics aesthetically before handing them out to our tailors.  The end product is simply fabulous. 
One of the main driving force behind upcycling and repurposing textile is to support our ecosystem. India is one of the largest contributors to landfill. Fast fashion is the most hazardous to our planet and is the main reason for ocean and land pollution. The amount of surplus textile from fast fashion production is about 11% of the total landfill around the world!!!! India is one of the largest contributors to this 11%!  This landfill eventually ends up in our oceans in turn pollutes our fauna. This is our way of supporting Mother Earth and our attempts to coexist with nature. 
We look forward to you supporting our initiative with eco palette. We are keen on  collaborating with designers who are big on repurposing textiles and working towards the same goals as us. 
Proud of what we have done so far.