Sore Muscle Rub

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All Skin Types/Herbal Muscle Relaxant


Our Sore Muscle Rub is abundant with camphor, mint, eucalyptus, and clove, which penetrate deep to soothe strained muscles. This spectacular cooling muscle rub calms overworked muscles and is a great support for deep breathing as well. This herbal formula has been a favourite with athletes for centuries. Comforting eucalyptus and cooling menthol give relief to joint pains . Free of petroleum by-products

.Apply directly to shoulders,arms,back or any sore areas of the body.If suffering from body ache,apply this balm with warm Olive oil. Massage into the body until absorbed. Use to soothe everyday aches & pain from exercise and hard work.


Jaiphal Ghrita kumari (Aloe vera oil) Neem Gehun oil(Wheatgermoil)MintCamphorNilgiriBadam tel (Almond oil)Kokum butter/Vrikshamia/AmlabijaGrape (Grapeseed oil)