SuckIN Bamboo Straws- Packet of 2

SuckIN Eco Straws

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SuckIN Eco Straws- Set of 2 (Approx. 9 inch) Chemical-free, Organic, Reusable, Eco-friendly,Biodegradable Bamboo Straws with cleaning brush and an organic unbleached pouch. SuckINs' bamboo straws are reusable for upto 6 months eliminating dependency on single use disposable straws. Made sustainably in India with love. Completely biodegradable. Bamboo is a natural product, it could absorb colour present in food/drinks and could crack if chewed on. It will may degrading after some time so we recommend tossing it into wet waste after 3-6 months of use or if you see any signs of damage. Store in a cool dry place.